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Dr. Jack's Monthly Lawn Program Details

Dr. Jack's Monthly Lawn Program includes everything our Bimonthly Lawn Program includes. This service is recommended for sites that need additonal attention due to environmental conditons that encourage weeds, insect damage or fungal activity. There may also be soil conditions that will require more frequent fertilizer applications in order to keep the lawn green and healthy. The monthly lawn program is also recommended for homeowners that live elsewhere for extended periods of time and need more frequent visits to identify developing problems.


Your Dr. Jack's horticulturist may recommend this program during our intial analysis. However, many times it can be difficult to know what kind of problems we are going to have caring for a particular landscape without any history. We may recommend changing from our bimonthly lawn program to our monthly lawn program if we find out we need to be on the site monthly. Monthly services will better control frequent and challenging problems in the lawn and other landscape plants and achieve the best results. The monthly lawn program wil nearly eliminate the need to call us between services.